Healthy life

There are many ways you can maintain a healthy and happy life, here are some example how you can live healthy:

Exercise and maintain your healthy weight

Exercise can help you to increase your muscle strenght, elasticity, and your joint mobility. Exercise regularly also help you to maintain a healthy weight. There are many different simple  exercise you can do to maintain your health, such as walking, running, yoga, aerobic, swimming, etc.

Drink enough fluid 

Adult need to drink about 8 glasses of fluid in a day, drink pure drinking water to keep your body hydrated and function well. You can also get fluid from fruits juice, vegetables juice, soup, milk, etc. They supply important nutrition; vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein to your body as well.

Eat well

Avoid eating to much greasy, deep fried food, junk food, animal fat. Eat more fruits and vegetables (including grains, beans, legume, etc.) to help promote your health. Salmon, flax seeds, walnut, olive oil, sunflower seeds are rich in omega-3 and some omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids, important nutritient to maintain healthy hearth, healthy joint, and help to lower your bad cholesterol. 

Pursue your hobby

Hobby is doing what you like in relaxing setting, pursuing your hobby can lead to happiness in life and to relax your mind from anything stressful in life. In example if your hobby is playing  golf, then you get many benefit from golfing, you get your exercise while you're doing what you love,  you can breathe fresh air and relax your mind, all at the same time. 

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