Sweet leaves Stevia

Stevia plant is a very interesting herbs. The leaves of Stevia plants are very sweet yet contain 0 Calories/ 0 Carbohydrates . People use Stevia leaves as the healthier choice than artificial sweeteners. It's also widely used in Japan. 

Stevia leaves are 30 times sweeter than sugar and contain 0 glycemic index to prevent spike in the blood sugar. 

Stevia plants gaining more popularity worldwide. It used widely in Japan since 1970s. Stevia leaves can be used fresh or dried. Dried leaves can be blend to the powder form and sprinkled it to tea, cooking or baking. Remember: Stevia leaves are many times sweeter than sugar. 

People that interested in this "sweet leaves" herbs can purchase it at supplement/ vitamin stores. Stevia plant also available at some herbs nurseries or order it online. It's a great additional plant for herb garden. 

Remember: Use everything in moderation and consult with your own health consultant to use this product for health purpose. 

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